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    Farshad Bagheri

    Thank you Joey.  It was great meeting you.

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    Stephen Heston

    I like the first line on the wax website: "the most advanced formulations of machinable waxes possible."  Humble folks...


    Have you experimented with the printing filament?  I just ordered a spool and a few of the blocks.  Also, do you ever save and remelt the chips?  This has me thinking about how to keep waste streams separate for different materials.

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    Joey Granger

    I have not tried out the wax filament. Don't even recall seeing on there honestly. Probably glossed over it because I was never looking for that on their site. Looks interesting. Wax's combination of low melt point, softness, stiffness, and slipperiness seems like it might make one or the other extreme; either crazy challenging or very easy printing.

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    Trey Robbins

    Thanks for the links and recommendations @Joey. I will think we may order some of the wax. 

    That wax filament is very interesting. Let us know what you think of it when you try a print @ Steve.

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