Are Early Adopters "Crowdfunding" the H-Series?


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    Arthur Muir

    My $0.02 worth on this topic - 

    Even if you consider this crowdfunding, as a "backer" you are far better off dealing directly with the "campaigner" (Diabase) than through some 3rd party (e.g. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc).  Diabase is an established firm with a track record of bringing relevant products to market (Flexion Extruder) and they have a physical presence in the US. I've had a few crowdfunding purchases go awry and when they go bad, it is very challenging to get anything resolved through the crowdfunding site.  At that point your only hope at that point is that the campaigner is dealing in good faith and will respond - not always the case.

    So, regardless of whether its a crowdfunding model or not,  I'm happy Diabase team went this route - up-selling their existing customers - vs a going through a crowdfunding site.


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