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    Arthur Muir

    Hi Austin,

    You guys have made an amazing machine.  Its a great idea to move towards the design of a subtractive system, using rigidity to eliminate the need to keep the moving parts as light as possible to have speed, and getting tremendous flexibility in capabilities. Seems like a real paradigm shift to combine additive and subtractive into one package.

    As I don't actually have the system yet, I haven't been able to poke around and look for any specific areas of "I want" - but - an extruder capable of running some of the more exotic engineering grade thermoplastics like Peek or Ultem would be something I would purchase when available.



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    John Yost

    Yes the ability to print PEEK would be great! I have had a number of people asking if I can print that recently.

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    Changyoo Kim

    I agree to release hot extruder which can use PEEK and PEI that would be great.

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    Danny Blacker

    Not sure how useful it would be, but I wonder if a laser etching capability could be beneficial to some.  Our ABS filament reacts to our Epilog Fiber laser and makes rich black markings without melting the material.  Even lasers as low as a few watts could probably do some light etching on to plastics that some might find useful....maybe?  It's more likely to melt it than to do any true etching, but going down that road may spark some other ideas.

    Keep up the great work guys!


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