When will my machine ship?



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    Austin Reid

    Updates have been going by email to Early Adopters, but for everyone else, here is the status: we have the majority of the parts in-house and will begin assembly second week of January. First machines will be going out by third week of January, with all orders completed early February. At that point we will begin production of general-customer machines.

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    John Yost

    hey any chance I could get an update on about when you think these machines will start shiping out? i have several teams of researchers and surgens waiting very excitedly on this as am I.

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    Howard Kim

    I can mirror the comment by John. While during this interim, we are using an F410 to do what jobs we need, my engineering team are waiting on the H-Series Hybrid. Are there any additional updates as to the status of these machines and their production beyond the August 17th blog post?

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    Austin Reid

    Machines have been shipping for a few weeks now. We estimate 2 more weeks until we are complete with all Early Adopter machines and will begin general orders. The lead time for a machine ordered today is approximately 3 weeks.

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